Working for You!
Since 1972, advocating for the rights and value of South Dakota state employees.

The year 2022 was our Golden Anniversary year! In 2024, we're at 52 years! Fifty-two years strong, the South Dakota State Employees Organization is a voluntary association of and for South Dakota state employees.

The SDSEO is not a union. We say that for clarity and differentiation. We don't offer the things unions provide, things like representation in grievances, attorneys, collective bargaining representation, etc. Instead, the SDSEO, as a 501c5 employee labor association, works on behalf of all South Dakota citizens, taxpayers, and state employees to provide a lobbying voice and watchdog force in favor of the South Dakota career state employee, working year-round to protect and improve salaries, benefits, and working conditions for South Dakota career state employees.

  • Just take a look at all we've done together: Accomplishments for You!
  • Just about every benefit that today's employees have is the result of SDSEO work. Here's some SDSEO 101: SDSEO 101

The SDSEO recognizes the selfless and valuable efforts of all South Dakota state employees, employees for whom every working day is spent in the service of both South Dakota and all South Dakotans. Making South Dakota better every day is the goal of all South Dakota state employees, and the SDSEO provides the support that allows South Dakota state employees to think about the job at hand, rather than worry about pay, benefits, job satisfaction, or even a layoff.

If you're not yet a member of the SDSEO, please join with us. We have membership opportunities for current and retired South Dakota state employees, as well as for businesses and private individuals. We can do our best work for you and for South Dakota if you partner with us. Our cause is great. Our people are great. You are great. Join us.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the SDSEO, please contact either our main office or a chapter in your local area. The SDSEO appreciates every opportunity to support and assist the South Dakota state employee. We need you to be a member.

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