Working for You!
Since 1972, advocating for the rights and value of South Dakota state employees.

Fifty Years of Progress

The SDSEO was founded in 1972 by state employees for state employees. From the beginning to today, our mission has been to help South Dakota by helping the South Dakota state employee. The SDSEO has grown from an original membership of 67 state employees to many, many more today. We need you to join with us as we continue to grow and push for positive growth for both South Dakota and South Dakota state employees.

Bringing Positive Change and Benefits
Positive changes pushed for and enacted with the support and assistance of the SDSEO and its membership include the Career Service Act, multiple positive cost-of-living adjustments, sick leave and emergency leave benefits, tuition assistance, numerous retirement benefits, many career and legal protections, and state employee salaries, benefits, and bonuses. For a better look at the SDSEO's efforts, both victories and losses, please view "Accomplishments for You!" A lot has been done, and much vigilance is required to maintain the compensation and respect that state employees have earned, but there’s also much more to do. Find your SDSEO 101 primer here.

The Best of South Dakota State Employees

SDSEO members serve South Dakota as both employees and citizens. Simply by being a member of the SDSEO, you are an active, energized, engaged member of not only the local workforce but also your community. SDSEO members may also serve as elected officials, volunteer for everything from working in food pantries to serving with volunteer fire departments, help communities devastated by natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes, and continually seek better ways to serve South Dakota and South Dakotans.

How About You?
The ideas, concerns, and work of SDSEO members make a difference for every state employee. Have you joined the SDSEO?

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