Working for You!
Since 1972, advocating for the rights and value of South Dakota state employees.
SDSEO Benefits

Reasons to Join the SDSEO

  1. Above all, the SDSEO serves its members.
  2. SDSEO membership can be as confidential or as open as the individual member wants. Member names are not given to any other organization and are not open to the public.
  3. You set your SDSEO activity level. We encourage our members to be active and engaged, but your activity level depends on you. We appreciate our "silent partners" just as much as we appreciate our chapter presidents! What’s important to us is you!
  4. SDSEO answers to your questions. As an SDSEO member, the SDSEO can aid you with answers about the South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources, the South Dakota Retirement System, your legislator, and any number of other entities. You can tell us the questions you want to ask, and we'll get answers for you. Nobody other than the SDSEO needs to know your name.
  5. SDSEO news about issues that affect state employees.
  6. Participation in the SDSEO’s resolution process and voluntary involvement in legislative matters.
  7. Professional, responsive, and engaging SDSEO staff.
  8. Our exclusive-to-SDSEO-members SDSEO Investment Trust Benefit. This benefit can save the SDSEO member more than the dues of SDSEO membership. Save on sales loads for your investments and use the SDSEO Investment Trust! For more trust information, please view the Investment Trust brochure.
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