Working for You!
Since 1972, advocating for the rights and value of South Dakota state employees.

Join the SDSEO and Support a Healthy South Dakota

Make a difference as a South Dakotan for South Dakota by becoming a member of the South Dakota State Employees Organization. SDSEO membership is a statement of both caring and strength, for both South Dakota and its devoted state workers. (To cut to the chase, the membership form is here. Just print, complete, and mail or fax.)

Whether you are a state employee, a business, or a private individual, SDSEO member dues are nominal, while the benefits are enormous. A healthy South Dakota state employee workforce equals a healthy public, healthy communities, a healthy economy, a healthy state, and a healthy nation. Our brochure has more information. The SDSEO is a 501(c)(5). Membership dues are not deductible from federal income tax.
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