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How did you become an SDSEO'er?

Thursday, April 18, 2013
The SDSEO posted a poll question on our Facebook site today. The question was, "How did you get your SDSEO membership form to become an SDSEO member?" If you're a member, please head over to Facebook and take part in the poll. There are a couple "stock" answers, but you can add your own. The reason the question is there is to stimulate members into thinking about how they became a member, to think back to what made them commit to supporting themselves and their fellow state government employees. Ultimately, we'd like you to take the same action that led you to become an SDSEO member, to reach out to your fellow state employee before or after work or while at lunch, and encourage them to join you as an SDSEO member.

If you're an SDSEO member looking for a new member form, or if you're not yet a member but want to join, the membership form is here.
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Two great news items: SDRS funds up 14.9%; SDBOR offering reduced tuition to state employees at CUCs

Friday, April 5, 2013
The South Dakota Retirement System's board concluded its meeting in Pierre yesterday. The great news out of that meeting was that the SDRS is up 14.9% for the first 9 months of the fiscal year. There's one quarter (3 months) left. We'll see what shakes out over the next few months. Here's a couple story links: KELO TV, Rapid City Journal.

Also meeting was the South Dakota Board of Regents, and we had some great news out of that meeting as well. The BOR adopted a "State Employee Reduced Tuition" program for those employees that attend University Centers in Sioux Falls (website, Facebook), Pierre (website, Facebook), or Rapid City (website, Facebook).

Tuition reductions are substantial, subtracting $66.55 per undergrad credit hour and $100.95 per grad credit hour. Undergrad tuition for state government employees will be $235.15, while grad tuition will be $299.10. The rates are effective this summer semester.

This action by the BOR is extremely welcomed by the SDSEO. Former State Representative Tad Perry worked pretty hard to get the Legislature to support reduced tuition for state employees at the university centers, and the SDSEO supported his efforts. Though Rep. Perry was not successful in those efforts, his work there had to be integral in getting state employees this benefit. Thank you to the BOR and to Rep. Perry.
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SDSEO Twitter and Facebook roundup

Friday, August 10, 2012
Have done a bit of traveling around the state the last couple weeks. I love traveling and meeting people, because I learn something new about what the SDSEO can do for state employees from everybody I meet. Sure hope to meet you someday.

Here's a roundup of some of what I've posted to Facebook and Twitter over the last couple weeks:

Twitter re-tweets
  • A blogpost from Bob Mercer about an upcoming hearing on worker's compensation and proposed changes to South Dakota worker's compensation law. The post is here. The agenda for the meeting is here. Many of the proposals were part of failed efforts to change the law this past legislative session. I was at the legislative committee meeting where the proposed bill failed, and I recall the State Bar Association representative saying at the time that the proposals were all or none, in that either the Bar wanted all of the changes or none. The proposals failed. That wasn't the first time they had failed, though, as they were brought before the worker's compensation advisory board in both August and September of 2011. The advisory board voted against the changes at the September meeting. The minutes for Aug. 2011 are here, and the minutes for Sept. 2011 are here. I wonder what value "out-of-state" practitioners would add to the mix?
  • An Argus Leader story by David Montgomery about Gov. Daugaard's 2011 budget cuts. That story is here. Something that gets left out of stories about the "surplus" is how many South Dakota public employee jobs were lost due to the cuts. (I lost my job at South Dakota State University when the unit I worked for was shuttered in June 2011, though the budget cuts may not have been fully to blame for the job losses in the unit for which I worked.)
  • A blogpost by Montgomery about early polling data. It is here. Note that the poll is not of "likely" voters only.
  • A Mercer blogpost about upcoming 2013 South Dakota Board of Regents meetings. It is here.

Facebook posts

  • A blogpost by Montgomery about early dropouts in South Dakota legislative races. It is here.
  • Another Montgomery blogpost, this one about an entity taking on South Dakota Republican leadership. It's here.
  • A Mercer blogpost about Nielsen polling in South Dakota. And it is here.
  • A Mercer news story about this week's Board of Regents meeting. It's here.

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